Steps To Make Effective Apology Letters

Published: 21st April 2011
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We have to accept the reality that no one is perfect and everybody commits a mistake several times a day. No one does these mistakes intentionally, that is why it is called mistake. Surely, we all feel regrets after making these mistakes. Maybe these acts happened out of control. Whatever the reasons are, saying sorry is the most effective way to keep a strong relationship with people that surrounds us.

There are plenty of ways to say sorry. You may say a simple "I’m sorry" or treat the person to dinner and say sorry or write an apology letter. Though writing a letter is old fashion, it is still the most effective way to express one’s feelings. Hand writing a letter gives you time to tell how you feel.

Below are steps on How To Make Effective Apology Letters:

Step 1: Make a list of all the things you want to say. If you are going to say sorry for many things, it is better t list it down on a piece of paper. You may use this as you make your letter.

Step 2: Write a rough draft of you letter. When writing the draft do not mind the spelling, grammar and the punctuation. This is the part of making the letter where you will express how you feel and how sorry you are for making those mistakes. You may refer to your list of mistakes.

Step 3: Apologize on the first paragraph of the letter. By doing this, it would encourage the reader to continue reading the letter. If the person still feels angry or upset, this would calm the person.

Step 4: Specifically mention the words or actions that you have done wrong. By doing this, you ar acknowledging your mistakes and you take responsibility for doing so.

Step 5: Explain why you did those actions. Explaining your reasons will inform the person of the other side of the story. Nevertheless, never fill your letter with your explanation as this may show passing of responsibility to what happened.

Step 6: Explain why you will never repeat the same mistake again. This will give an assurance to the person and will make the person feel that you are truly sorry and will not do it again.

Step 7: End your letter by saying how sorry you are. Keep it on a friendly tone.

Step 8: Rewrite your letter on a clean paper. Let a friend read your letter to inform you if something is wrong with its content.

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